The Vancouver Sun

By: Michelle Locke

November 20th, 2013

Leaving grapes to freeze on the vine seems like a recipe for stone cold failure. But under the right conditions, the grapes that come in from the (extreme) cold can produce delicious dessert wines that are a cool favourite for holiday pairings.

What to call it? It depends on where you are. It’s called eiswein in Austria and Germany, where it began; icewine, one word, in Canada, where it’s become something of a signature wine; and ice wine, two words, in the United States, where vintners in New York state and few other regions are experimenting with the hard-to-make, easy-to-drink product.

The icewine category in Canada is continuing to evolve with new and innovative products entering the market each vintage. The thing that’s cool about ice wine is there’s a textural difference that you don’t see with other wines, and you see the care- the fact that there’s so many steps, there’s so much effort that goes into making it.

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